To be eligible for an Ontario security guard license you must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older.

  • Be legally able to work in Canada.

  • Have a clean criminal record.

  • Complete the training and exam requirements.

  • Have a current Emergency First Aid/CPR certificate.

 In order to write your Provincial Exam and apply for your Ontario Security Guard License,

students must complete the 40hr Course which is divided between 33.5hrs of online study and a

1-day in-class Emergency Level First Aid & CPR Level C Certificate. You can visit below site

for CPR

To become a great security guard that excels at their job, start with a solid foundation. Other

security guard courses will teach you the bare minimum but our training course will prepare you

for your first job and give you confidence. When companies hire a security guard they expect

them to be fully trained and able to handle a variety of situations. An inadequately trained

security guard may endanger themselves, but can also compromise the health and safety of those

around them.

NoticeFalcon Security Services offer the course to become security guard, but we can’t

grantee the job within our agency.

                                  To Access Course Click HERE

First Aid Not Included